Sunday, March 10, 2013

Latest Layouts

I am hosting the OLW Challenge this month over at CK. One Little Word is where you choose a word to work on during the year. I've had a rough couple of years healthwise, so I chose RELAX this year. This month's challenge is to relate it in some way to your childhood. I chose to write about how my mom relaxed compared to how I relax.

Here are a few more layouts from February.


  1. Susan, I love the layout about you and your Mum. Great idea to make the lists and compare. As much as I love my Mom I don't feel we're really all that similiar, maybe I should make a list to see.

  2. Nice job, Susan. So interesting to compare your relaxing style with your mom's.

  3. I really like your newest the comparison between you & your mom and the two different lists to compare! Clever!