Friday, July 27, 2012

CK Summer Camp

This week is CK's annual scrapbooking summer camp. I've been scrapbooking some vacation photos for the challenges. I took 800 photos in Hawaii, but only had 300 printed. Yikes. I took over 500 at Disneyland and San Diego, so I have tons to choose from! Here are a few layouts.

I was so happy to finish my Seattle scrapbook from our trip in February. Here are a few double pages that I added to that one.

It's so nice to be home, but only three more weeks until school starts! I have jury duty next week, so I'm hoping not to get on a trial so I have some summer vacation left. Wish me luck!


  1. Wow! Very impressive layouts this week! Great job with the summer camp ideas, I missed it, but have checked in to look at everyone's hard work! I really like your two page layout from your Seattle trip...super two page layouts!

  2. Very cool Aunt Susan. I know Kristi wants to have more time to do that too, she loves seeing your work. Miss you guys!