Thursday, February 9, 2012

Overwhelmed with Kindness

My dear father passed away peacefully on February 2nd. He joined my mom up in heaven and is in a wonderful place where there is no dementia.......

I have been overwhelmed with kindness of friends, family, and strangers. I went back to work on Wednesday and received this beautiful azalea tree from the staff. My class made me cards, posters, and gave me flowers.

TOday I got home and got a tree in the mail. It was from the body donation program at the university where my father donated his body. He loved that hospital and always talked about donating his body to them for future study. We always thought it was strange, but he really believed in it since he LOVED his doctors so much. Thanks for the tree!! I will plant it in his memory.

My online scrapbooking community has been there for the last three years to hear about my dad's decline. I have made some great friends on the boards, and have even met some. I am overwhelmed with the cards and nice notes online and in my mailbox. This hobby is the best! Thanks peeps!!!

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  1. It is very apparent what a special person you are, Susan. It's nice to see the support being given to you. I love that the hospital sent you a tree - that's really cool. My DH's grandmother donated her body to a hospital as well.
    - Margie (Club CK)