Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ott to Teach

I know this is my scrap blog, but lately I haven't had one bit of time to scrap, so I thought I'd share a few photos of my classroom. I am loving that I moved up to fourth grade and I have a great class once again. I have 30 kids, which is 4 less than I was supposed to have, so that is great. I saw this idea on Pinterest of course, but I modified it to be a bulletin board.

What a fun and easy project it was! Here is a photo of my classroom the first week. I've had to move them out of groups already because it was so noisy and they weren't all facing the board.

What did I do before these Post It charts?? I love them and the kids love that I keep them up and they can see what we did the day before. I am really loving Writer's Workshop this year!

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  1. Your classroom is adorable Susan! How have you been. I haven't seen you around lately. I was eying up that polka dot border at Barnes n Noble the other day.