Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm Back....

We went on vacation to the beautiful Napa Valley wine country. It is so relaxing there, but it did rain hard one day, so we just relaxed and read books. Here are a couple of layouts I did before I left.

I also added a couple of things to my scrap room. I just love this quote on canvas I found at Kohl's. Then I made new boxes for my photos. The last thing is how I am organizing my Cricut booklets.

Here is my wire rack I bought at Home Goods with all of my punches in it.

Most of you know that my dad is in an assisted living facility due to his dementia. It has been a heartbreaking journey for me. Well, I found this letter that he had written to me and mailed to my home before he got really bad. (The good part of cleaning!) I will keep it forever!

He was never the one to show emotion or tell you his feelings, that was always my mom's job, so this really is special.

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  1. What a great idea for those cricut carts that don't have a folder. Your scraproom looks like a professional scraproom and your layouts are always professional!